What is The Biolock Pro?


The Biolock Pro is a fingerprint padlock that is designed to provide maximum security and convenience for your home or business. Unlike traditional padlocks that require keys or combinations, our padlock can be unlocked using your fingerprint, Bluetooth app, remote access, or a traditional key.


Our product is unique because it uses advanced biometric technology to provide a fast, secure, and convenient way to lock and unlock your possessions. Additionally, the Bluetooth connectivity allows you to authorize others to unlock the padlock remotely, making it a great option for shared spaces or households.


The Biolock Pro is constructed with high-quality materials for durability and weather-resistance, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It also features a long-lasting battery life, making it a reliable option for daily use. Overall, our fingerprint padlock offers an innovative and cutting-edge security solution that is both user-friendly and highly effective.



What is the name of the mobile application used to manage The Biolock Pro?


The app name is eSmart available for download on the Google Play Store for Android devices and the App Store for iOS devices.



How fast is the fingerprint unlock feature?


The Biolock Pro uses advanced biometric technology to unlock within 0.2 seconds, making it much faster than traditional rope locks and key locks.



Can I authorize others to unlock the padlock remotely?


Yes, with the eSmart app, you can authorize your family and friends to unlock the padlock remotely by granting them unlock permissions.



Is it possible to remotely unlock the padlock through the app while being outside the country?


Unfortunately, the app is unable to unlock the padlock remotely when you are outside of its Bluetooth connection range, which is typically within a certain distance from the lock. However, you can grant remote authorization to others through the app to unlock the padlock, making it possible for authorized personnel to access the lock even if you are away from home.



Is The Biolock Pro durable and weather-resistant?


Yes, The Biolock Pro is constructed with a zinc body for strength and durability, a hardened steel shackle for cut resistance, and a weather-resistant cover for added protection against the elements.



How long does the battery last?


The Biolock Pro has a built-in rechargeable 160mAh lithium battery that can last up to 9 months on standby and be unlocked about 3000 times. It comes equipped with a Type-C cable for fast charging.



How many fingerprints can The Biolock Pro can store? 


The Biolock Pro can store up to 20 groups of fingerprints, with 2 administrator fingerprints and 13 general fingerprints.



Can I authorize others to unlock the padlock remotely?


Yes, the padlock has smart Bluetooth connectivity and can be paired with the accompanying mobile app. You can remotely authorize others to unlock the padlock via the app.



What is the size of the padlock?


The Biolock Pro is a big and heavy lock, with a 0.7 CM stainless steel lock shackle, (5.5+4)x 5.7x2.0 CM, 3-3/4 L x 2-5/16 W x 13/16 H inch, and shackle inside long 3.5CM, width 3.5 CM, for superior cut resistance.



What happens if the battery dies?


If the battery dies, the padlock will remain locked, and you can charge it with a USB power source or portable power bank.



Does The Biolock Pro come with keys in case the battery dies?


Yes, The Biolock Pro comes with 2 keys for convenience. In case the battery dies and you cannot unlock the padlock with your fingerprint, you can use the keys as a backup.



Will the lock immediately open if connected to a USB power source when the battery runs down, or will it have to be recharged first?


The Biolock Pro has a battery indicator and low battery reminder. When the battery is low, the red indicator will flash to remind users to charge the padlock in time. You can also check the battery level on the mobile app. If the battery is dead, the smart lock will remain locked until it is charged, and then it can be unlocked again



What are the temperature ratings for the smart padlock?


The Biolock Pro can be used at low temperature, and the temperature range is between - 15 ℃ (5℉) and 45 ℃ (113℉) . You don't need to worry about using it in extreme temperatures.



Can I set up and control multiple padlocks using the app?


Yes, you can set up and control multiple padlocks using the app.



Can I use the app with multiple locks or only one lock?


Yes, you can use the app with multiple locks.



Does The Biolock Pro come with a warranty?


Certainly, The Biolock Pro comes with a one-year warranty and we also provide 24-hour customer service for any inquiries or issues you may have.

Please note that if you need to return the item, you will need to reset and delete any administrator fingerprints, as this is the only way to open the lock.




Shipping & Order


What countries do you ship to?


Currently, our shipping services are available for customers in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia.



What are your shipping rates and delivery times?


Standard Shipping: Free (10-20 Business days)

Expedited Shipping: 6.99$  (5-12 Business days)

Express Shipping: 34.99$  (1-3 Business days)



What shipping company will be used to deliver my order?


We work with UPS, DHL, Royal Mail, FedEx and Canada Post to ship all of our packages.



Is a tracking number provided?


Yes, we provide a tracking number for all orders. You will receive an email with your tracking information once your order has been shipped. This will allow you to track your package and stay updated on its delivery status.



How can I check the status of my order?

You can then check your delivery progress here  Order Tracking

using the tracking number provided in the shipping confirmation e-mail.



Can I cancel my order?


Yes, if you want to cancel your order, please tell us immediately within 12 hours with the subject line Cancel Order at info@thebiolockpro.com



What payment method do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Discover and Diner Club.

Sezzle is available here with a flexible payment option that lets you split your purchase into 4 interest-free payments over 6 weeks. Simply select Sezzle at checkout and enjoy your purchase with more financial flexibility. Plus, our approval is guaranteed!


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